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LEU Tough Ride

The name speaks for itself. This ride is TOUGH!

The Law Enforcement United Tough Ride is a 3 day Bicycle tour that starts in Roanoke, VA on May 10th, and ends in Washington D.C. on May 12.


On day one of the ride the tour will travel from Roanoke, VA to Harrisonburg VA (approx. 117.2 miles with approx. 4,900 feet of elevation gained).


On day two of the ride, the tour will travel from Harrisonburg VA to Manassas VA (approx.

104 miles with approx. 3,700 feet of elevation gained).

Lastly, on day 3 of the ride the tour will travel from Manassas VA to Washington DC (approx. 61 miles with limited elevation). We will meet up with the VA Division, PA Division, NJ Division, and the Ruff Ride prior to reaching Washington DC,  then continue on as one where we will all ride into the arrival ceremony together.


Each day of the 3 day tour will include memorial stops at various locations along the route to honor the Fallen police officers that have made the ultimate sacrifice, and remember the Survivors that have been left behind .

This Tough Ride will be one of the most challenging routes that Law Enforcement United currently partakes in. Riders will not be approved to participate in this ride without being previously vetted by TR representatives. The vetting process is to ensure that all participants are capable of safely completing this route.

Questions: Contact the Tough Ride President Michael Gary (

tough ride

Tough Ride Division

Membership & Fundraising Requirements Apply.

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