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About LEU Fundraising and Donor Solicitations:


All of our fundraising is done on the grassroots level. We work as indivuals or as teams to fundraise for our cause. No donation is too small!


LEU Fundraising Policies

We do not conduct online fundraise using 3rd party vendors such as Go Fund Me, or any other outside party vendors (including t-shirt design fundraiser entities) with the exception of Member Planet. (We have recently retired our accounts with Razoo and My Event).


These outside fundraiser accounts are not affiliated with Law Enforcement United's banking information and as such not tax deductible. If you receive requests for fundraising by any member using any other outside sources please contact us as soon as possible.


Making a donation by check: If making a donation by check, please make checks to Law Enforcement United Inc. Checks should not be made to a individual or team.

Credit Card, Check donations will be entered in to our MemberPlanet site, and upon receipt of funds a Tax Donation Receipt will be emailed to you. Please ensure you include your email address with the member when making your donation.

When making a donation of goods, please also ensure you include the MSRP value of the items, include quantites, and total so we can ensure it is credited appropriately.

When donationg online for a specific members fundraising goal please be sure to include their name.  

Fundraising for Success

You wouldn’t have become a member if you didn't believe in the cause. A donor unfamiliar with our organization needs to know what it is we are doing, what we stand for, and how they can become a part of that.


Make sure your message is clear! Why are you a member of Law Enforcement United? What has inspired you to join the mission?


Know the Mission and what Law Enforcement United stands for!


Know what our programs are, where are funds are going and the organizations we support.


Having background information about the mission and the programs we support is just the start. Now you need to create a clear message to send out to your potential donors. Letters, Emails, PowerPoint Presentations, Movie Presentations, Brochures, are all great tools to advocate for your goal. Social Networking is another tool, which can also be used to generate interest in your fundraising.


Here is some food for thought. Think about the answers to these questions when devising your fundraising communication method.


When was the last time you donated to a cause?


What inspired you to donate?


How was the message or need articulated to you? Was the message clear?


Did you feel that your efforts made a difference?


Is it a cause you would likely donate to again?

Fundraising can be a daunting task especially when benchmark deadlines are applicable. Here is a table to help keep everyone on task to meet their goals! Breaking down fundraising goals into smaller obtainable goals will help you meet your goals!

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